About Me

Self portrait from 2015

I love making games. From my experiences of AAA sized teams, to smaller live-ops teams, to doing games solo or with a few friends, I've learned that they all come with their own rewards and challenges.

I don't scare easily by the technical aspect of game development and depending on engine I'll easily be able to set up my animations. I'm skilled in rigging and skinning as well, even though I don't find that as exciting.

Other than animation I also enjoy doing 3D art & working with visual scripting in Unreal Engine. I dare say that I'm quite skilled in the Blueprinting of Unreal Engine, to the extent that I've done some smaller networked prototypes all in blueprint, for fun.

I'm experienced in working with teams of many different sizes, planning and delivering on time, as well as communicating and coordinating with the other crafts.

Name:            Morris Belfrage Nordström

Current:          Lead Animator at Fatshark

Location:        Stockholm, Sweden

Phone:           +467 353 780 68

Email:             morris.belfrage@gmail.com



Unreal Engine 4




After Effects

Quixel Suite

Swedish (native language)

English (fluent)

Lead Animator - Fatshark
2020 - Present

I work on Vermintide 2 & Darktide

Experienced Animator - Avalanche Studios
2018 - 2019

I worked on Rage2 as an animator. I worked on many different areas, such as Cutscenes, Scripted Events, Enemies, Hub-Life & Player Interactions. In addition to editing motion capture, I recorded much of my own motion capture & directed others in the recordings. I also handled our contact with our animation outsourcing.

After Rage2 I worked on Contraband.

Junior Animator - Avalanche Studios
2016 - 2018

I worked on Rage2 & TheHunter Classic during this time.

Animator Intern - Expansive Worlds

I did my Internship at Expansive Worlds (Avalanche Studios) on the game TheHunter Classic

Freelance Animator - Right Nice Games

2015, 3 months

I made all the playable characters animations & turret animations.

Futuregames Academy
3D Graphics

Stockholm    2014 - 2016

Stockholms University Institute for Computer Science
Bachelor's Programme in Systems Science

Stockholm    2011 - 2014

Wrote my thesis on "Narrative Affordance in digital games"

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