Animation Reel

My Showreel

About the Reel

This is my current showreel.
It’s a combination of stuff I’ve done on my free time and for the school’s game project. All the contents has been animated by me, mostly in Autodesk Maya but also in Autodesk Motionbuilder (the motion capture-parts). I’ve also done the rigs/skin for the all the custom meshes and also the plague doctor mesh.



(in order of appearance)
Heavy lifter & Flick flack scene:
Joe Daniels for the Body Mechanics Rig

Mocap Scenes:
Starbreeze for the MoCap data

Paper Minions scene:
Sebastian Kim for the character mesh

House Scenes:
1st & 2nd house mesh: Oscar Stampe
3d house mesh: Jonas Malm

Project Godling Animations (WIP)

House Animations

About the game animations

As we’re still working on this game project these animations are still a work in progress. The game is due til’ the end of June, so there is still time to tweak them.

These are the first passes on the houses’ spawn-animations. The criteria I had for these was that they had to be quick (instead of the usual 1min RTS building animations). In addition of the animations that had to be quick I had to animate them quickly as well, since the project had lots of other animations to do. The animations in themselves were not that time consuming but the rigs for each house were… I think I spent two days straight on only rigging (but then again, rigging ain’t really my cup of tea).
I made all the rigs with a combination of constraints and direct connections. Circle controllers means (mostly) only rotations while the box controllers are for both rotation and translation. All the pieces are scalable.

Game Rigs

Credits to Oscar Stampe (made the Windmill and Farm) and Jonas Malm (Tent, House 02 and House 03)


Science Fiction Plague Medic

Made with Zbrush and Maya, Lowpolyfied in Topogun. Textured with Quixel suite.
18,000 tris, 4k texture.
Rendered in 3Do

Improvised the concept as I went along. All I knew was that I wanted to do a sci-fi version of the Plague doctors. Ended up taking a lot of inspiration fron Killzone’s character design.

Press for larger images.







Trinxy the Robot

Made in Maya for hard surface practice. Also to have something to try out Unreals material editor and vfx on.
5,000 tris, 2048k texture.
Rendered in 3Do. The video is from Unreal Engine 4.

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